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We are currently building a holiday Tiny House🏡🏠, ideal for weekend getaways! This Think tiny house is 7.4 meters long, 2.55 meters wide and 3.98 tall. It has two spectacular bedrooms each of them with 1.5×1 m skylight. A 2 m long window slides in the kitchen wall to welcome the outside in and create a spectacular breakfast bar.

The living room has a L shaped sofa, perfect for a cosy afternoon. Electric floor heating and Off-grid solutions can make this tiny house the perfect weekend lodge in a holiday destination, totally off the grid! The kitchen is equipped with all that you might need – a stove, oven and sink. The bathroom has a sizable shower, sink and a composting toilet.

Currently we are 50% into the build and are looking for a buyer to enjoy our DYNO model. At this stage, the final touches can be modified! For more information and prices please contact us at contact@thinktiny.house

‼️‼️We offer a 10% discount if purchased at this stage!

Meet us on Social Media!

Meet us on Social Media!