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Off-grid solutions

One of the reason people move to tiny houses is for the simpler, down to earth way of living. Having a smaller surface in your house means that you don’t need as many resources to run it – thus you can achieve the dream of living off-grid. Another reason for thinking about off-grid or partially off-grid solutions might be the lack of access to mains (water, electricity, drainage, gas). As a solution, we suggest one of the tested ‘Think Tiny House’ off-grid solution:

  1. Solar Panels

Depending on where you live in Europe – the solar energy might be a great way to power up your tiny! We will calculate your power usage and propose based on your solar power potential in your location a solution to keep you of the electrical grid.  Solar panels can also be a solution for having hot water in your tiny house.


  1. Composting Toilet

The composting toilet is a must have in a movable tiny. It is a clever way to limit the footprint that each of us produces. The way it works is quite simple – it uses bacteria to process the human waste and turn it into compost. Don’t worry it does not smell! It has fans and vents to circulate the air outside.


  1. Rainwater collection and water tank

Maybe one of the most difficult thing to imagine is living without being connected to the water pipes. Maybe you want to set your tiny on top of a mountain in the Alps where there is no connection to the water system. Don’t worry – we have a way to collect the rainwater, store it, filter it and then re-use it for showering, cooking or even plant irrigation.  The water system can become quite complex but there is no feeling like using just natural resources to live!